The Ten Percent Rating System – Actually it’s just five.

Judgment calls are ambiguous at best so trying to get too specific with a judgment value, ironically, just makes things less clear.

The Ten Percent rates games on a 5 point system. 100 point systems are ridiculous (What’s the difference between an 8.3 game and an 8.6 game? And they don’t even use the bottom half of the scale, so what’s the point of having it?) and even 10 point systems are too nitpicky. Either a game is worth your time and money or it is not. Let’s break it down:

  • 5 – Buy if it all interested, or at least make an effort to play it. You will find it worthwhile and rewarding. Exceptional.
  • 4 – Pretty awesome for the genre, but not an automatic buy. Worth checking out.
  • 3 – Decent for the genre. Rent this one if you’re interested, or wait for a price drop.
  • 2 – Fanboys only. You need to already be predisposed to liking the subject matter at hand to enjoy this at all.
  • 1 – Do not play this crap. What the HELL is wrong with you?

Just to show I don’t take my own reviews THAT seriously each rating will be accompanied by a non sequitur. Alabaster boat truffle. Pie.

The Dealmakers and Dealbreakers:

These let you know if a game is safe to play around children, a good game to play with children, if the difficulty is especially easy or horrendously hardcore, whether it a multiplayer game well-suited for online play or local multiplayer, if the game is especially unique or innovative, etc.


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